Limited Edition

From time to time we bring to our shop special edition fabrics and patterns for different occasions. Be sure to follow our Instagram page to receive all the updates.


You can find our current collection here.


Edelweiß, Bears in folk costumes holding hands and, of course, Gingerbread hearts. 

What's not to love about this Dirndl?


For this year's Oktoberfest we will accept a total of 8 orders only until 30.08.2018. Orders placed after this deadline will not be ready on time.


We will continue to receive normal orders after that, but please bear in mind that the delivery times might be longer.

Available Colour-combos for 2018 (POPLIN 100% COTTON)

Dress in Blue Bears

Dress in Purple Bears

Dress in Salmon Bears

Apron in Blue-Yellow

Apron in Orange-Yellow

Apron in Blue-Green

It's all about the Hem

These Patterns appear only on the hemlines of the skirts and dresses, fading on their way to the top. It's just so fun to look at :D

Yetis, Yetis, Yetis.

The abominable Snowman is just a misunderstood guy.


He is so fluffy, how can he be evil? He is just cranky because it's so cold outside.


*Disclaimer: don't go around hugging random snowmen you are not acquainted with. In the wild, they tend to be fierce, sometimes.


Available in Poplin.


Chicken and Polka Dots.

Look at all those chickens! So adorable, eating.


Who doesn't love a polka-dotted Chick ;)




Available in 97% Poplin.