The Team

Scribble & Pockets is a small family business.


Our team is just three people, two cats and one dog (for now):


Nani, responsible for the designs and the sewing;

Steve, the expert in IT, finance and other administrative activities; and our lovely

Christina from marketing and customer service. She will solve all your problems (seriously, ask her anything  - she is a walking encyclopedia).


But what about the cats and the dog?

Although they are perfect for moral support, they mostly just lay around and eat. 


Sushi, professional chewer and sister of cats;

Müsli, the boss of us all; and

Chili, the catest of cats.


About the Designer

Hi! My name is Fernanda (Nani) and I love colors.


I grew up in a small town in Brazil, before moving to a big city when I was six years old. Since I can remember, I was always making costumes for my dogs and my dolls. My mother always made sure I had access to all materials and she surely let me express my creativity around the house, but she was not pleased when I cut her favorite nightgown to make a Red Carpet look for my Barbie... oops. Since my mother (according to her very self) does not have any artistic talent whatsoever (the doodles she makes while on the telephone are quite interesting, so I don't know what she is talking about) my art foundations were passed on to be by my Oma Gilda, great person, great artist. While she was painting her amazing canvasses with oil paint, I was horsing around with my acrylics next to her, trying to copy what she was doing, just to have something hideous in the end.



I love animals, all of them. And I have had all sorts of pets in my life. When I was four years old I had a chicken named Ferdinand (after the bull, and myself) and he was always with me. His favorite place to be was on my shoulder hidden in my hair (better said, mane) but once he started growing, my mom decided it was time for him to leave the house and go back to the farm where he came from. I was happy for him, of course, but sad for me, as my best friend was leaving for good. I will never forget the way he walked away right after I put him on gravel for the first time - he didn't know how to act. For an animal that was used to carpets and wooden floors, he did quite good on the rustic outside world. He also wore several of my earlier designs, most of them made out of plastic bags.



My parents are both Brazilian, my mom having German/Swiss heritage (even though the punctuality gene skipped her generation), so I can say I grew up "German". I danced for years in a German folk dance group, for which I also sew some of the garments. I love this kind of work - the research and the time that goes into it. Most of what I know is self taught. I came to Germany the first time in 2010 to learn how to sew a Miesbacher Mieder with an eighty-one year old Bavarian lady called Maria Hirsch and she taught me the most amazing techniques I know today, even though I couldn't understand a single word she was saying. Her daughter was amazed by the fact that the German culture is being kept safe, even thousands of kilometers away.



My professional path is an absolute mess. Living abroad was in my head since I was about seven years old, so I worked towards it since the beginning. I wanted to go to Harvard study law - my dad didn't quite like that idea. I did go to law school, but I never finished it - it is a love/hate relationship for sure, as I started it four times, only to quit for good on the very last year before graduation (I am surprised I am still alive to tell this story, to be honest). I also went to fashion school, and I danced ballet semi-professionally, and I was a dance teacher for a while, and I was a nanny abroad for another while, and, and and, and I actually ended up graduating in International Relations in 2011. I moved to Germany for good in 2012 for my Masters Degree in Peace and Security studies. I wanted to be a diplomat, but that never came through. I speak six languages because of this, which is a good thing, I guess. I have a terrible problem of changing my mind every five minutes (if you haven't noticed yet). The only thing that did stick was fashion and my scribbles (did I mention I wanted to be a dog trainer and a realtor?).



I am obsessed with pockets (oh, really? I didn't know that!). I do think they are essential and they are present on all of S&P garments, no exceptions. Did I am mention I am also very sarcastic? People even say I am funny (no sarcasm there, I hope).



I am a closed person. I prefer writing to talking. My husband (and my mom) is a very talkative person, so you might imagine his despair when I can go for days, weeks, months, without saying a word, unless I need to. I am working on it, but I feel there is still a long way to go. Want me to explain  something? Let me draw it. No, seriously. Explaining things is not something I can do at all. I am anxious, I am always hungry, I am always doing something. You will never find me relaxing at the beach, or in a sense-deprivation tank. I'd rather have a person, rather than a friend. My people are sacred to me. Because I don't speak, I am a great listener, so if you need a shoulder to cry on, I am your person.